Trying to create a security system via SH

(Shy) #1

So here’s the deal, I want to use the presence sensors for the ‘disarm’, along with a control panel if possible (like a keypad, in case the presence doesn’t work or is out of batteries).

My problem is, how do I “arm/disarm” the system without a control panel or keypad? Also, I want a mode for “Armed Home”, where I am home but I want the external stuff monitored (ie, the door, etc). I am sure I can set up a scene for this, but if I use a scene controller the thief could just hit that button and boom - it’s disabled.

I also want to have a 60 second delay, or an email sent or something before the siren goes off. I am unsure how this all works out. I don’t want to use an “app” to unlock my home, I would prefer something simpler only because my wife’s phone is often out of battery (she uses it a lot for work) by the time she gets home.

Please let me know what you can… I want to create the security system in SH because we have a neighborhood watch, and I can then call a neighbor or a friend and have them look over, see what’s going on. Otherwise, there’s no way for me to do this properly.