Trying to change the router wifi name to connect to

When I reset the wifi settings on my SKY1
(as the router name had changed)
via the app
all goes well, says its connected, just need to set a name…which I do,
but then says error, device already regsitered
I see there is an option to replace existing device…but my device does not show there

Not really sure what your asking Brian.
But this is a Smartthings forum not a general router forum.
You need to clarify what your actually asking. Change router name where?

the question is not related to the router directly
but because the wifi connection name has changed on the router
then that means my bloomsky does not connect anymore to the wifi
so i simply went through the wifi setup with the bloom sky app, next to my boom sky 1
and got it connected OK to the wifi new name
but then it asked for a name…I set that…click on OK…but then it says error, already registered…
and so that last step cant be completed…and so it cant send data…I cant explain it in any more detail than that

Googled bloom sky 1 and its identifying a weather station.
Neither this nor your router are related to Smartthings so I suggest you contact your ISP

but the error is not to do with the router directly
its to do with my bloom sky 1 not being able to update its wifi settings because it was
previously already registered on the bloomsky system
that is not a fault of my router
so my question is, am i able to un register my sky 1 bloom sky on the bloom sky cloud system
that is nothing to do with my router or wifi