Trying to Build My Own Z-Wave Garage Door Opener (Looking for a Relay Switch Suggestion)

Did you read your linked article? It applies to “security and home automation professionals” and “professional installers”, and if THEY can be held liable for installing a non UL listed solution at a CUSTOMERS site.

There are no applicable rules or regulations (other than following your local electrical code, building codes etc) that you as an individ are required to follow.

Perhaps. But the safety rules are designed for a reason.

I don’t think folks need to get defensive. Do what you want to your home. But following sensible guidelines outlined in the codes is probably a good move.

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Exactly. If someone should get hurt on your property due to something not being up to snuff you could be liable. However, in todays world it seems everyone is so sue happy I’m not sure it makes any difference. That’s a good reason to carry some good insurance.

Isn’t that what I said?

The original question was regarding using a non UL listed solution, the linked article had nothing to say about an individual using one solution or another, only a professional.

Hate to break it to you, but you are responsible for anything that happens to someone on your property regardless.