Trying to add harmony to Smartthings

I have three Logitech Harmony hubs on my network. I’ve been trying to get a SmartThings and Harmony to talk to each other and I’m having no luck.

So far, I’ve been able to use the Harmony desktop software to add smart things to the “Home control” section in their app. I’ve done that with all three hubs successfully. I don’t know if this step is necessary, I don’t plan on controlling anything with Harmony, actually reverse is true. I’m looking to use SmartThings to control harmony.

I found the link below, but I’m getting stuck where it’s looking for the hubs within the smart things app. Stays at zero and never finds anything.

Has anyone had any luck getting this to work?

Did you look in here:

One issue that routinely surfaced (and it may be fixed now), but if an offline hub was attached to your account, the connect app would just spin and find zero hubs. Removing the offline hubs or connecting them would allow everything to work.