Trying to add devices to new v2 hub since eol v1

My v1 hub went eol yesterday and I had a v2 hub plugged in already with no devices. The old v1 is off my account already (as all devices showed gone in it) but my new v2 hub won’t add any devices. Any thoughts on how to get them off old or get new one to add them?

Are they Zwave devices? Zwave devices need to be excluded before they can be added to a new hub.

Since your old hub has already been retired, you can do a general exclusion using the new hub. One way to do that is via the IDE. My Hubs, select your hub, View Utilities, Zwave exclude. The exclude will remain active for a short time. During that period, do the button presses or whatever you would normally do to include the device. This should exclude the device so it’s ready to be added to a new hub. Try the add procedure again.

You can also do a general exclusion via the app.

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Yes. And thank you. Such a simple thing and I should have thought of that. But it has worked on at least the switches. Not sure how I will do this on my Schlage locks (will have to look up how to add) but I should be able to get most of my devices back on. Just going to be a pain to figure out how to get some weird ones into the pair/unpair mode to exclude.

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