Trust Zigbee Bulb


Has anybody tried to use trust zigbee led bulbs and got them to work?

the pics in the site have the zigbee alliance logo, but doesn’t say if they use ZHA or ZLL. Have you checked the zigbee alliance website to see if they’re listed?

It says the bulbs will work with the hue bridge, so they would have to be either ZLL or Zigbee 3.0.

In either case, if you have them connected to Hue bridge, you should be able to use them from smartthings that way.

If you want to connect them directly to the smartthings hub without the hue bridge, it will probably work if they are ZLL, and probably won’t work if they are zigbee 3.0

I bought one just for fun and it paired but was not recognised so I switched the device type to ZLL Dimmer Bulb and now it works :slight_smile:.