Troubleshooting Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter v1

Yes, but I didn’t consider use cases like yours - so, I need to add a battery tile back in. Good catch!

If you don’t mind, can I work on getting this resolved someone by tomorrow?

Absolutely. No rush at all. In fact, I may play around with it this evening just to see if I can do it. Thank you!

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Hi there, I had fun playing with the tiles last night and settled for this, so I don’t have to wait for ST to fix the Android app :slight_smile:


@johnconstantelo I was able to enable the battery tile however it’s value is “–”. Any ideas why this might be?

The same happens to me @Ryan_Mccoy. I’ll be looking into this over the weekend.

Rookie question. I am using the stock device handler for my v1 energy monitor. I installed the device handler from this thread and want to switch to it. Is there a way to switch between device handlers without removing the energy monitor from the network and pairing it again? It seems like there should be a simple way to do this, but I haven’t figured it out.

Never mind. I figured it out. I should have been more patient before posting!

My energy consumption is reporting crazy high, and I keep getting min is set to null in the logs. Is there some setup I need to do that I may have missed?

Btw, I tried the trick others had mentioned about sending the configuration command to get the values to scale correctly, but that didn’t work. I did update the firmware when I got the box and am wondering if I should backload an older version of the firmware.

Ok, again, sorry for the spam. I believe all of my issues are resolved. I realized that after the firmware upgrade, I didn’t remove the batteries when I excluded the hem from the network. I did this again with the batteries removed and my power readings look much more reasonable now. I an going to verify against the power company meter to double check, but it is looking good. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread. I don’t think I would have figured it out otherwise.

Hi @Ryan_Mccoy, It’s been fixed! Tagging others I’ve helped in case they want the update: @SBDOBRESCU, @greg, @Kurt_Backlund, @pmcnano, @e_banks

The updated code is here:

Changes made:

02-20-2016 : Enabled battery reporting (parameter 103, value 1), and documented the parameters better.


I set parameter 3 back to value 1 to report only on changes instead of timed reports (value 0). You may need to change this back to where you had it.

Future enhancement soon:

Any configurable parameter will be able to be set/changed in the phone app via the device’s preference vs screwing around with the code all the time.


Thanks @johnconstantelo! Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to change anything on my end in regards to the battery. Also, it appears that compared to your screenshot, there is something wrong with the iOS app… My things screen for the device looks nothing like yours. Is this just a problem with iOS? I will upload a couple screenshots when I am not on mobile.

Thanks again!

[quote=“johnconstantelo, post:131, topic:30962”]
Tagging others I’ve helped in case they want the update:
[/quote] Please add me to your tag list. Thanks for everything!

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Hi @Ryan_Mccoy,

No worries at all, glad to help. Regarding the way the device tiles look, for some reason ST’s app on iOS renders the images on those tiles differently than on Android. It’s unfortunate that there’s no consistency between OS’s, except for bugs like in the main tile display. :wink: You can change the tiles in the code to be 2x2 vs 3x2 to make them look like they’re suppose to be, but the layout will change as well.

After updating the code, did you tap on Configure? I should have mentioned that above because it enables the parameter for battery reporting. Tap on Refresh a few seconds afterwards too. Mine showed up within a minute. The default is set to 15 minutes, so if nothing shows up after 15, we’ll need to do some more digging.

Doing this made the battery show up for me, but it shows at 0%. Any chance this is just because I have it USB powered? It has always been powered and it had fresh duracells at installation. Guess I’ll swap them out and see what happens.

Hi @greg,

Good question. Before I started working on this handler, I added batteries for the first time to my HEM, and then unplugged it to force it to roll over and use batteries. I let it run that way for a few minutes before plugging back in.

Perhaps doing that caused the HEM to properly capture battery%?

Got the update. Love this App.
Please keep me on you tag list.

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@johnconstantelo you were absolutely correct. Tapping the configure allowed me to receive the battery percentage. and thanks for the info about the iOS app.

Did you by chance change anything regarding the kWh cost? All of a sudden my cost jumped up to $10 a kWh and I’m unable to enter a decimal to fix it. The number pad that comes up when I try to fix the field is only numbers, no decimal possible.

@Ryan_Mccoy, crap… stupid copy/paste got me again. I just updated the code and tested. You should be able to provide a value with a decimal now. Use the link above for the code.

I’m using the latest version you posted, and I completely removed the old version. However, the “Max” energy on the green part of the screen is still cut off. I see that the battery % tile is there, so I know I’m using the new version of your device. Any thoughts? I’d love for this to be working again!