Troubleshooting Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter v1

Hi! New on this.

I’m using Aeon Energy meter V1, with the “My Aeon Home Energy Monitor Gen1” by jscgs350 DH.

The App, read the Half of the real bill (kwh).

I´m living in 220 V country. Some ideas???



I am trying to get an update of current Energy State every 15 seconds logged. I cannot get that to work. Here is my setup. Is anyone having similar problem? In “Recently” Tab of the device, I see updates are random and sometime it take 30mins to update a entry, sometimes it take 5 mins. However it don’t take my 15 second update interval that is select. Can anyone help?

Using device handler groovy from Here.

HEM v1 with FW : ver:3.60
Settings are listed in screen shot.

Hi @Boruguru,

Are you running on batteries?

Are seeing any errors in live logging after you tap on Save?

Not running on batterries (No batteries installed either).

When I hit save no errors reported. I get following message twice on Live Log

My Aeon Home Energy Monitor Gen1 configuring
updated (kWhCost: 0.06, wattsLimit: 12000, reportType: 0, wattsChanged: 5, wattsPercent: 10, secondsWatts: 15, secondsKwh: 60, secondsBattery: 900, decimalPositions: 2)

I currently have a v1 installed and everything appears to be working. kwh however is being under reported. I took a picture of my meter 24 hours ago and again today. The v1 is only reporting about 1/3 of the actually consumption. Has anyone else had this problem?

I’m realizing this post is over 2 years old, but this is where Google led me. I have a gen1 and it works, but it constantly reports my “energy consumption” as 8477.4 MWh. The power meter fluctuates as it should, but it’s like the energy consumption isn’t grabbing the right value. I don’t recall it always being like this, but I honestly didn’t pay much attention to it so I really can’t confirm or deny it.

I’ve tried different device handlers (even the stock one) and it has no effect on the results. Firmware on it is 3.60 if that means anything.

I’m open to suggestions.

When was the last time you “reset kWh” on the meter using the Classic app?

Your Energy value is changing based upon the image you posted showing activity history : 8477.2 and then 8477.4

The new app doesn’t have a button/tile that allows you to reset that value, but the Classic app still does. You’ll have to use the Classic app to reset that value, and/or use a SmartApp that resets it for you automatically based upon a schedule.

This app will reset the meter automatically, and works with the stock DTH, or my custom one (which I’ve stopped using since moving to the new app):

Somewhere between 6 months and never if I were to guess. Ran your smartapp and now it’s back to normal. Thanks for your help!

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New issue… So now when I click on the chart icon for energy consumption the smartthings app the chart fails to load and then the app force closes. It worked yesterday so I’m at a loss here. I’ve tried different DH’s, clearing the smartthings app storage, and we’ll as resetting the hub, but the same thing happens. Side note…the power meter chart still loads just fine.

Any ideas?

Can I please have a link to the DTH you are using?

I’ve tried the standard “Aeon Home Energy Meter” built into smartthings. (That’s what I’m using now).

As well as


I can see the energy consumption increasing…but the bar chart fails to load.

If you care to see it happening:

I have a theory on what’s going on. So this morning I have no idea pulling the chart for the energy consumption by the hour, but for the day it still crashes.

I’m thinking that since I just reset the useage that it may be crashing simply because it doesn’t have any data to pull? Or perhaps incomplete data?

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