Troubleshooting Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter v1

Go figure. I tried the same process a few more times and it took. One down, one to go. Thanks for the help!

You should get exclusion message, it wont say the device’s name, if excluded successfully ‘unknown device excluded’

Cool cool. good to see it worked :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, with the state this industry is in (not sure if we’ve moved from toddler to adolescent yet or what), this seems all too common.

I’ve had EXACTLY the same experience many times with all kinds of devices…From Xiaomi Smart Buttons to BloomSky Weather Stations, etc.

Hello, I am looking for guidance just installed my V1 yesterday using the DH that Aoen Labs sent me. It only updates every 5 minutes which I am okay with. I am not using batteries I dont even have them installed. It does reset. I really cant use it [quote=“xcguy, post:5, topic:30962, full:true”]
I’ve had pretty rock solid performance with my HEM V1 setup. I’ve been using a modified device type, tracks the energy usage on monthly basis and daily high/low wattage. You might give it a try, see if it helps?


Hello I installed my V1 yesterday its new but has 3.60 firmware. I am not using batteries. I am using the DH that Aoen Labs sent me. It seems to only update every 5 minutes which I am okay with. However I would have to physically reset it everday or month to get any use out of it. It seems to function okay. However hard to get any use out of it with current state.
Should I be using a different DH. Would you mind giving me some advice.

So, I am installing my 5th Aeon Labs energy reader to monitor the dishwasher. (I’ve currently got 2 monitoring panels, 1 monitoring my AC compressor, one monitoring my dryer.) What has made this easy on all my prior installs is that they all had 2 hot ‘leads’ to the breaker in question or to the panel. On this dishwasher install, it’s on a small single breaker with only 1 lead. So how would I go about this install? Only use 1 clamp? Put both clamps on the same lead to the breaker? Put one clamp on the ground?

If you are wondering why I am doing this, it is the same as for the dryer. I use these to monitor the energy pulled for webCoRE pistons to notify us when a dryer load has started and when it has ended. (I do the same for the washing machine but I am able to simply use a plug in energy monitor for it.) My wife has liked it so much for the laundry I am adding it for the dishwasher as well since our dishwasher is so quiet she forgets all about it and doesn’t realize a load is done and therefore doesn’t do another, etc.

So I believe I’ve answered my own question. I decided to try just using a single clamp, and that appears to be working great. Dishwasher is pulling about 75W, so that should work great for what I’m doing. Just thought I would post here is anyone else runs into this same question.

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Has anyone else had problems pairing their device with Smartthings? I have a Gen 1 and the light is blinking red, but in the app, when I click ‘Add a thing’, it does not find anything. I have moved it near the hub and with and without the probes connected. nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

I just installed the same model. I found in one of these posts the mention of a black button on the inside of the box that you need to push to prior to hitting + ADD A THING

I am looking for a SMARTAPP for this device if you happen to run across one.

Good luck

What would you like the SmartApp to do? Reset values monthly? Turn off things? Notify you? There are a decent number of smartapps out there that use “power” or “energy” capabilities of the HEM to do lots of different things.

What would I like a smart app to do, that’s a good question. I think I would like it to send me a usage report at the end of the day, alert me if I’ve used more than a set amount of energy and…?
I typically read the abilities of the Smartapp to see I can use what it does. I found one today that involves google spreadsheets to chart usage,

BTW: Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and all the advice you’ve shared in getitng the energy monitor to work with Smartthings

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I did some searching and answered my own question about available SMARTAPPS

Thanks again for your help and advice

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Hello all. First post. I have tried the HEM v1 device handler created by @johnconstantelo which works great except for the battery display. I am powering it on USB power and the battery reads 0%. I even tried installing batteries to see if that would cure the problem. None of it works. It wouldn’t be a big problem except I have device health enabled and you get the yellow exclamation mark. Does anyone know how to get this working. It looks like there has been a great deal of work that has gone into this handler. Thanks.

Go into settings & turn off the “Display battery level on main tile and Recently tab?” switch. That should do it…

I believe the only guaranteed method to get rid of the Device Health warning for low battery is to simply edit the Device Handler to comment out the following line:

capability "Battery"

change to

//capability "Battery"

save and publish

This should remove the Device Health exclamation point for low battery. Of course, you should only do this if you never plan on using batteries in the device (which most of us never do!)

[Update] I just checked my Dad’s DH for the Aeon v1 energy monitor as I recall having the same issue with Device Health. I actually commented out two capabilities to get rid of the low battery Device Health warning:

// capability “Battery”
// capability “Health Check”

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Hi @JulesSteiner,

The way battery reporting works on the HEM can be a bit finicky. At times I’m had to exclude and reinclude the HEM to ST, and at other times I’ve had to unplug USB power and let it run on batteries for up to 10 minutes to get it to report battery.

I’ve personally found having batteries in this thing useless, which could be why Aeon did not provide for batteries in all future models of the HEM.

(fyi @ogiewon)

If you’re using my latest release of the DTH, Health Check is disabled, so you should not be receiving HC notifications for the HEM.

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That works for getting rid of the battery. However it does not stop it being flagged in device health…

This worked. I didn’t know how to “comment out” the capability. Just doing it for the battery was sufficient the device health went away by itself. Thank you.

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Are you using the most current version of my DTH?

Hi @johnconstantelo… Yes I picked it up from the repo after reading the thread. It works now with //capability “Battery”. Stopped all the grumbling from DH. Thank you for all the development work. You are miles ahead of what ST offers.