Troubleshoot Zigbee Network after latest Update

I have a few zigbee devices that are not updating the status. Can someone point me in a direction to troubleshoot? The old IDE was able to show the Network path however it is not shown anymore.

ST Hub V2
End Device Sonoff SNZB-04
Ikea Tradfi repeater

Signal Metrics = “Waiting Zigbee Message”

You will need to remove them and then onboard them, they are not onboarded correctly. If you do one at a time and fix your broken routines it is less likely that you’ll lose something.

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Onboarded again, works for approx 1 hour then nothing. The device itself flashes its status change led but it does not communicate to Smartthings

If you mean the sonoff device, try the stock driver, that should work too, see if it fixes

Steps taken,

Onboarded Ikea Tradfri Repeater with Stock Smartthings Driver
Onboarded Sonoff again near my Ikea Tradfri Repeater
Changed Driver to the Smartthing Stock

So far it’s been good, I suspect it was my repeater but will keep watching.