Trouble with switches going offline in 3 gang box

There are two of the switches that go offline almost daily. One more than the other. They are the left and middle. All my other z-wave devices are to the left not that far away. Support was telling me you may have that trouble putting three that close together. He didn’t know! They still do what there suppose to do with Echo. It just bothers me why they keep going offline. Now I know I’m not the only one that have multiple switches in a 3 or 4 gang. They are GE on the left is a dimmer that goes off periodically. The middle is a fan switch and goes offline most the time. The third is a switch and no problems. And it’s the furthest from my other z-wave devices. I can easily get them back online. That’s not the point. They are all z-wave plus except for one plug that I bought to put closer to see if that would help.


Why not remove one of the switch for a couple of days and see if it improved? At least you will know it’s a no go for 3 gangbox switches in the same location. I also recommended to someone on another post to put an add on switch in the middle if it’s a 3 ways and correct wiring Config.