Trouble with GE Zigbee Switch and Arrival Sensor

I just had a Samsung arrival sensor come in the mail so I also, proactively, ordered a GE Zigbee switch to go in the garage to try and help with the range of the arrival sensor.

First of all, I have the switch wired and connected to my things, and using the app to switch on and off the lights works flawlessly. The problem I’m having is the “mechanical” switches aren’t triggering the lights. Has anyone run into this?

Second, The arrival sensor is working correctly for leaving the house by turning off two circuits of lights and closing the garage door. It seems to not be triggering anything when I arrive with it; however. I checked the app and it is showing as arrived, but must be missing something for both of these problems.

Can anyone help? In advance I don’t know what codes to post, etc. but can follow directions well:slight_smile:

When you say the mechanical switches are not triggering the lights, do you mean that physically pressing on the zigbee switch that you just installed is not turning the light on and off? Or are you talking about additional auxiliary switches in a three-way set up?

As for the issues with the arrival sensor, could you post screenshots of the exact routine or smart lighting automation that you have set up to create this rule? Then we can see what’s going on. We need to see the whole rule, not just one page of it.

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