Trouble tickets submitted - no discussion please

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1

I’m starting this thread so others can post their ticket numbers and reference others. Please keep it to a quick explanation of the problem, “zigbee bulbs inop” and the ticket number. Please discuss elsewhere.

Carrying over from other thread

You can check the status of your tickets here -

(Brian Diehl) #2

[SmartThings Support] Support request #205495: Database corruption

Rule Machine Headless Rules due to database corruption

(Paul Haskins) #3

207525: Lost all groups/rooms

  1. April 1. 205599
    One response within 5 hrs. Nothing since even with additional emails for alarm issues, hue hub lost.
    Decapitated rules, phantom presence arrivals, random rules triggering whenever, some rules not running at all.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #5

I forgot about the presence issues. Mine has been running super strong for months, never an issue … But now it’s so bad I’ve gone to life 360.

(Jam Dawz) #6

#197589 - issued 3/14/2016 - current status OPEN

  • No longer receiving notifications.
  • Seeing odd entries in “Notifications” (“More Options”).
  • Multiple GE in-wall and plug-in switches no longer communicating with hub. Incorrect state displayed and no response to commands from app or routines.

(Jimmy) #7

#194852 - SHM not disarming