Trouble removing an old device

I have a couple of Dlink camera’s that I added some time ago to my hub and I now want to remove them from my “things” list but when I try to “remove” them I get an error saying “the device has failed to be removed from smartthings”

Can someone suggest what I need to do to fully remove these …

Many thanks


Verify that your device is not included in any smartApps or Routines. That is usually what generates errors when deleting devices.

Login into IDE and got your Devices. Select one of the cameras you are having issues with. Scroll down to the end of the device. The In Use By selection shows everything that camera is using. In order to remove the device from within the ST app, you must remove all those device relationships first before removing he device. However it was stated above that you could delete the devices directly in IDE. I believe that bypasses or ignores all the associated entities.