Trouble pairing Schlage RS200HC motion sensor

(John Scholvin) #1

Just like the subject says. I’ve tried to connect using the exact device (Motion Sensors -> Schlage Motion Sensor) and the generic one (Connect New Device). It’s not a range issue–I’ve got the motion sensor literally right next to the hub.

Anything else I can try? Any diagnostics available?

(John Scholvin) #2

This is weird. It finally paired, but SmartThings thought it was a door sensor, not motion.

Edited to add: I have two of them, and now they are both doing the same thing: I can get them paired, but SmartThings thinks they are door sensors, and always Open. The motion detect functionality doesn’t work at all, maybe not surprisingly.

(John Scholvin) #3

The guys at support helped me. They couldn’t explain the bad pairing, but they pointed out I could change it through the web interface and that worked fine.