Trouble getting Mode to change

Hello I have a piston that used to work in changing my hub from night to home mode via motion sensors, but has stopped. I looked in the notifications and it says it’s still running, but I’m not getting the expected results. Can anyone assist?

Please post a dashboard view so we can see how it’s evaluating.

It looks like it should work, and like you said it used to work. Only thing to check is if Mode was actually in Night mode. Did you try removing the Night restriction and using it as a condition instead?

Ok so I got rid of the condition to only execute in night mode and still no luck. I have since rebuilt the piston and that didn’t work. I’ve now got another piston as shown below to execute a routine and the routine itself works, but now the piston doesn’t even fire. I don’t know what’s wrong.

Well if suddenly started working. Thanks.