Trouble closing slider popup

Does anyone else have difficulty closing the new slider display? It takes up the entire screen, has huge buttons for up and down, send events as you make changes but to close it you have to tap the tiny X in the upper left corner. I find I have to tap that X 5 or more times before I can get the window to close. My touch screen works fine for every other app so not sure why this is the case but even if I am very careful it rarely closes on first attempt.

I don’t know why they don’t just have a nice large “Done” Button.

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Just tried it. No problem. Press the ‘X’ and it will close.

Thanks but it doesn’t work that well for me so that is why I asked if anyone else was having the problem. I assumed there were plenty of folks where it works fine or there would have been more support requests and it would have been fixed.

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Can you try to re-install your ST app and cleare the app data? Also, try to powercycle your phone. If this failes, open a support case ASAP.

I have had this happen too. I believe there is some synchronous background communication process causing the slider page to go unresponsive.

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@SteveWhite good catch. I have a dummy device for testing sliders I wrote back when they had major issues. Using that I can confirm that if I change the slider by taping up-up-up-up and try to close with x it doesn’t respond as I tap. But if I do this and wait 5 seconds before I tap x the close works every time on first try.

I thought my screen needed calibration or something hit everything else works so I dismissed that idea quickly.

I believe you are correct the screen is unresponsive for a short period after changing the slider. Thanks for confirming this.


I’m having the same issue… and more. I’m quite upset at ST making this new slider. Some home made devices need to control several sliders at once. So, not only I cannot close the slider without waiting 4-5 seconds, but on top of everything this is the ONLY control on screen. This new tile is ridiculously counterproductive…

Is there a way to go back to the old tiles, the ones that had a button to grab and slide directly within the other device’s tiles like the ones still shown in the doc HERE ?

Thanks in advance.