Trigger this 12v remote?

Sometimes, during the Child Creation process on SmartThings, weird issues can occur, causing duplicate child devices. When this happens the duplicate pair of devices will behave strangely. The only way I know to correct this is to remove the Parent device, and then manually re-add it, and configure it again via the ST Classic App. Afterwards, the children will be created again, and hopefully this time they will all behave correctly.

This only happens on SmartThings. It never happens on Hubitat. :wink:

Success! :grinning: :grinning:

Just wanted to say thanks again Dan. I wanted to give up at one stage but the time you invested in guiding me, a stranger in some other part of the world inspired me to persevere. You’ve literally saved my Christmas. We are invited somewhere but I was getting an Airbnb guest (started this month to make some extra $) arriving on Christmas day! I was going to have to stay back and miss out Christmas lunch with my family. Now because of you, Im gonna get some turkey!

Your’e a community master but you’ve got love for the noobs. Much respect Dan the man, ogiewon konobi. Im probably not going to give you any credit when Im showing off to my friends but we both know you made this happen. :+1: :wave:

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Glad to hear of your success! Have a very Merry Christmas!

@ogiewon, I read thru this entire thread, but I’m experiencing an issue with my Child Devices not creating, I’ve deleted a few times and rebooted hub a few as well. Link node programmed fine, but the Child Devices won’t show up. Thanks