Trigger based on light

I am trying to get a means of letting front rental office turn on my ac and hot water if I get a same day walk in rental.

I tried a zooz 4 in 1 placed by a phone flasher so office could just call my condo and boom but it looks like it only detects sunlight.

Any other ideas?

Thought I saw an led sensor but I can no longer find it.

Guess zooz does monitor any light change but only once every 3 minutes.

Found the little bugger.

HomeSeer HS-FS100-L

So, I imagine that your AC and HWT is already connected to ST? If you could look at ActionTiles to give access only to the AC and HWT. Small price to pay for such an excellent product!

Below is an example of limited access to devices. I have over 300 but this one Tile only gives access to three devices.

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Yes, ac and hwt are already connected.

Is this a 1 time fee? Or monthly/yearly thing?

One time fee per hub, not per device. There’s a free trial period.

It’s a very popular app. :sunglasses:

That said, I’m a little confused. Do you already have the hot water and air conditioner automated, or does that require a person to go in and do it?

Because all actiontiles gives you is a more customizable interface to your SmartThings account. So it can’t do anything you can’t already do with your SmartThings app except for some UI features like putting a pin code on the app itself.

And as far as the phone flasher thing, wouldn’t it then turn on the devices anytime you got a phone call? I guess I’m just not quite understanding the details of the use case.


Yes, ac and hwt are already connected to st.

Yes, it would turn them on but if it’s not rented no one would call, plus calls go through front office so no telemarketers.

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Is this in the US. You may be able to create a IFTTT trigger to on a voicemail left at IFTTT from a number to activate a certain switch.

The idea being you would have the IFTTT recipie piece trigger a virtual switch in Smartthings. That virtual switch(or physical if your devices have the ability) would turn on your AC and HWT when tripped.

You would just need to know the number they would call from

You could try and vibration sensor and attach it to the phone, would probably need a phone with an old fashion bell ringer. There are some bed shaker devices out there. They would probably set off a vibration sensor.

so you are trying to turn it on upon your rental notification for the date the renter would enter in?
Then a smartapp small developement could do the trick.

  1. you have to find a way to forward the notification to somewhere you can query via a http req from a smartapp
  2. write a smartapp to poll this site and set the swtiches on upon booking starts minus few hours I guess to the water is hot when the renter comes in and switch off upon the rental elapses.

I’d just create a simple webCoRE piston and then trigger it by calling its URL.

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Calling its url?

Found it… nice.

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Yes, it is a ridiculously simple and useful feature of webCoRE that it is all too easy not to notice when climbing the learning curve.