Traveling to US, were to buy z-wave products?

Hi, i`m traveling to US next week, where to buy z-wave products? I was thinking about some stores near Fort Lauderdale and Miami.



Lowes would probably be a good place to try.

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careful, US Z-Wave products aren’t compatible with European/Australian Z-Wave

I use only US Z-Wave products.


You could have a bunch shipped from Amazon or to your hotel or wherever you are staying as well.

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Lowes is ur best bet. I lived in the US for 13 years and missing it.

I was trying to buy some z-wave smart things for my home as I was traveling through the whole country and I wanted to be sure that my doors are closed, windows as well. Because I was nearly sure that my state is home of criminality. So I start searching for the best option but I found this article where I was very pleasant surprised that my whole country is not that dangerous as I thought it is. So now I don’t need any Z-wave product.

Why are you using Z-wave products?

Even if you are only using a US hub with US Z-Wave products, if you do this in Europe you will be breaking the law because it is illegal to use US Z-Wave frequencies in Europe. This is why Europe has a different Z-Wave frequency which is legal.

I would expect the same to apply in Australia.