Transitioning to new GE Toggle Dimmers


I recently started transitioning from older “dumb” Lutron dimmers to the new GE toggle dimmers (12729/8). Swapping out single pole dimmers has been a breeze. Ran into my first hurdle this evening tackling a 4-way switch.

My living room is currently setup with an older Lutron dimmer (FA-600M), a corresponding Lutron accessory dimmer (FA-AD), and a regular switch. Both dimmers function as intended and the switch in the off position kills power to the two dimmers – meaning if the toggle switch is off, you can’t turn on the lights from the dimmers.

Despite spending the better half of the evening trying to swap the old Lutron dimmer out for the new GE toggle dimmer, I haven’t made any progress.

I’m fairly certain the wire marked Common is the line and the other two wires are the travelers, though I’m probably wrong since I can’t get it operational. Can anyone help provide guidance? My current dimmer wiring matches the FA-600M installation guide (

Although the Lutron doesn’t require a ground or neutral, both are present in the electrical boxes. I had them wired up to the GE switch. I’ve been trying to swap out the main Lutron dimmer with no luck. Should I try swapping all three out?

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

(Ernie) #2

I just swapped out a bunch of lutron 3-ways (different model than yours) for the ge dimmers. This is what I found. The green was ground, the blue was the traveler, and the red wire and black wire could be either the line or the load. I used a non-contact voltage sensor to determine which was which (line will set off detector when power is on.) Also, my GE switch would not work unless both ends of the 3-way were changed. One lutron and one ge on the same 3-way did not work.

(Cody Truscott) #3

I couldn’t have sorted out my multi way switches without this.