Transitioning IRIS zigbee device to SmartThings?

To add adevice currently on IRIS hub network do I first have to remove the device fron IRIS before I can add it to my smartthings hub? trying to connect my schlage connect touchpad zigbee but smartthings isnt pairing it

I have an ADT ST Panel/hub that I’ve been transitioning from IRIS but I expect similar technique. I only did a few devices but yes, I had to remove from the IRIS hub before pairing with the ADT ST panel. As I understand it, V1 IRIS may not come over because they are proprietorial. I moved my Sylvania lights, keyfob, smart plug so far. I’m waiting until I completely end my IRIS relationship to transfer the rest. I still use IRIS pro monitoring.

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Thanks. I am on Iris as well. Does ST support multiple pin#s/ users like Iris?

I think so, but I haven’t added the app to my wife’s phone yet to try it. I know there is an “add member” after you press the + sign on the first screen on the new app.

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