"Transition to Color" working with Hue Bulbs / Bridge?

Hi All,

I am using webcore and have been able to get “Set Color” working with the presets “Azure” “Dark Red” etc. However, I have not been able to get “Transition to Color” working.

I am using HUE V3 color bulbs connected to a Hue bridge.

The logs show:
Executed physical command [lantern].setAdjustedColor([[hex: #DEB887, hue:9, saturation:57, level:70], 60000]) (24ms)

However, no color is changed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to have colors slowly transition over a long period of time.


If you have a Mac, check out HAM Bridge. AFAIK, SmartThings has never supported transition times.

That’s ok, I’m fine using the software “fade” built into webcore. If “Transition to Color” flat out doesn’t work - what is the preferred method for fading to a target HSL / RGB over 60 seconds or so?

In WebCore I see options to Fade Hue (angle?), Fade Saturdation (0-100?), and Fade level (0-100) - but this means that if I wanted to fade to a specific HUE+Saturation I would first have to fade HUE then fade Saturation.

Does the Asynchronous option take care of this? IE if I do:

  1. Fade HUE (39, 60S)
  2. Fade Saturation (100, 60S)
  3. Wait 60S

Will it fade both HUE and Saturation in parallel? Will it fade both in parallel and THEN wait 60S, or will it perform the WAIT while fading?


I have issues fading to colors as well using Lifx bulbs. Have yet to find a solution and have basically given up. Lol