Trane thermostat....operating state payload 08?

Hi folks…shot in the dark here. My Trane XL624 thermostat has been acting up lately…it overrides my nighttime schedule and heating comes on…even though it shows it is still in nighttime mode. It just sets itself to my regular daytime heating point, but does it at random times from 11p-1am each night. Unless I get up and override it, it stays stuck. However, when I override it, sometimes it misses changing to the morning temp schedule. Very bizzare.

I can’t see any events in ST that indicate ST is causing this…it just started about 2 weeks ago.

However, I am seeing a Thermostat operating message showing up in Events that isn’t defined: zw device: 0D, command: 4203, payload: 08

Anyone know what payload 08 is? Of course I have no good zwave docs for the thermostat itself, and I can’t seem to locate 08 in any other docs online.

Any help is appreciate…just curious.

Found the answer for payload 08: 2nd stage heating. Found it on the zwave alliance page, under application specifications.

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