Trane thermostat clock drift

Hello, I am new to the forum. I am about to order a Samsung Smartthings Hub.

I wanted to find out if it’s possible for the hub to send out clock updates, time synchronization, to the z-wave devices?

I have 3 x Trane TZEMT400BB32MAA thermostats, and all of them have serious clock drift, up to an hour over several months. If I setup time scheduled events with the hub, this would be a problem with 3 clocks all at different incorrect times.

If that thermostat supports the Z-Wave command class COMMAND_CLASS_CLOCK then it should be possible to periodically update the time. That would be the first thing to look at.

Then, once you confirm that the time can be set, have a look at the universal @RBoy Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat DTH which will update the time on thermostats that support that feature.

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Time scheduled events with the hub would use the hubs time, not the thermostats.