Traffic report pushed through SmartThings or another service

Is there any way to pull in traffic reports as a flash brief through SmartThings that will play on any device.

So ideally I would be able to say run traffic report and choose the device I want it on.

The reason for this is let’s say that I’m in my room and I want the traffic report, well I have Alexa right there so I can have Alexa tell me the traffic report but then I forgot to do it there and now I’m in my car, while I don’t have Alexa in the car I might be able to say OK Google and run a traffic report.

Basically I can do this separately in each one of the devices but I’m looking for a way to integrate them all, I’m pretty sure I can get some of it done Tasker but I would rather tie it to my home automation and SmartThings as a central source.

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