Trådfri bulbs buzzing

So I recently started setting up some of ikeas smart lightbulbs. The model I have is the E14. The issue that I’m having is that when I turn the bulbs off through the smartthings app they start to buzz. They are currently connected to a ceiling fan. When the pull cord is used to turn them off they don’t make noise. I assume when I’m turning them off in the app they are still getting power from the fan. Is there any way to get this buzzing to stop while also using the app?

is switch for the light kit a dimmer?

The switch itself is not a dimmer but the bulbs are able to be dimmed

@Marc_D_Amico, just return the bulb to IKEA. It must have a manufacturing fault. I have a water kettle which does the same. It has a buzzing noise when on stand by. It must be the transformer inside being faulty.