Tradfri 800lm bulb brightness glitch - can anyone replicate?

Video showing the problem
This happens on all of my 800lm E26 bulbs. The lower the brightness, the longer it takes to turn them on. At minimum brightness, there is a full ~2 second delay! At higher brightness levels the delay decreases almost linearly until it is pretty much gone at max brightness. This is a big issue for me.

The bulbs are all on the 2.1.022 firmware.

This does NOT happen with my 1000lm white spectrum bulb, OR any other smart bulb I could find or ask my friends about.

Can anyone else confirm this glitch?

Note: I have heard some suggestions that it could be due to some internal capacitor being charged by constant current, and the lower the brightness is, the lower the current hence longer time to turn on. While that would explain the behavior technically, it doesn’t explain why it only happens on this one model.

A side question, as you are using Ikea dimmer, have you paired the dimmer directly with the bulb or with the smartthings hub?

It happens no matter what the bulb is paired to, if anything. Even on its own paired with just a dimmer it behaves the same way. There’s something in the firmware I think, I just wanted someone else to replicate it…so far no one has for some reason.