Hello, I have some extras of stuff I don’t need and perhaps someone has something extra they want to trade, or I would sell these items:

1: Philips Hue Lightstrip Gen2 extension…unused and unopened

3: Utilitech Water Leak Detector…these are unused, unopened. They have the long cord option to get the sensors just where you need them.

9: GE Link bulbs. These were used but can be reset with the flash method easily. Transitioned to Hue for the HomeKit integration.

I am looking for in general GardenSpots or GE Fan switches.

Let me know if anybody interested in trades, or outright buy them.

I don’t have anything but just curious what are you gaining with HomeKit over Amazon Alexa?

Meh, I don’t talk to my house much. Although I do have Alexa setup so perhaps I could…but I use Siri and apple ecosystem more. So I choose devices that work across all of it now where I can. HomeKit is way too limited to be more than something that I play with even though it’s super stable. Hue, idevices, etc work across both…

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I had a discussion recently (can’t remember where) in which I stated that HomeKit has a “pre-installed base” numbering in the millions, because of the dedication of so many folks to the Apple ecosystem. And that this installed base, combined with the relative stability of the Apple ecosystem, means Apple is not as hopelessly far behind in the smarthome wars as many imagine.

Thanks for providing anecdotal evidence of this. :slight_smile: