Tracking boiler demand on Evohome

Hi there.

Has anyone found a way yet to track boiler/heat demand on Evohome?

As far as I can tell, so far I can only track setpoints and current temperature, so the best approach I can think of is using formulas to ascertain if the temp rose quickly to match the setpoint to guess if there was demand, which is hardly an exact science?

Is there a better way? I want to understand when the boiler comes on and off to ensure it’s functionally optimally with all the automations I have. Or even better, to drive further automation (ie switch on the electric towel rail when there is no heating demand).


Can you track operating state? I use webCore to track the set point, current temperature, and operating state (idle or heating) for each of my zones. One of these days I’ll add a combined check for when any zone is heating or all zones are idle.

That’s exactly what I’d like to do.

Is WebCoRE materially different from CoRE, which I currently use?

If not, I’ve not found a way to track operating state within CoRE, but I thnk this is constrained by the Evohome integration rather than CoRE.

Are you tracking operating state on Evohome, or a different system? If Evohome, very interested to know how you are accessing operating state data.


I can see Operating State within CoRE, but I don’t have access to any data as it’s not exposed within Evohome (Connect) - as I believe that Honeywell do not expose any operating information in their API.