Tracking a new Gremlin- mysterious light turning on

I’ve got three under counter lights that are driven by the Zooz RGBW driver. Previously they were set up with the custom DHC, which I converted over to Mario’s new edge driver. This took a bit of reconfiguration and routine changes as the new form factor (basically ones with multiple children for overall/white/ RGB) was quite a bit different than before. Anyway, I got this all working mid-July, with the whole thing and RGB being turned on at sunset and turned off later for time/command. The one additional feature is during the period they are on, if another adjacent light is turned on, then the white under counter light is also turned on. I also set up a virtual switch to snych the three lights so they go on and dim together. The synching is via the smart lighting app. All worked well for several weeks.

So now the gremlin. For about the last 2-3 weeks, the RGB lights only have gone on at about 7:42 AM every day. This is well after sunrise, I don’t use Alexa, and the only thing that should turn the RGB on is the sunset routine. As neither smart lighting nor routines produce a history that I’m aware of there isn’t much history except the RGB and power going on at the aforementioned times. Any ideas about how to troubleshoot this?

Deactivate your Smart lighting rule and see what happens tomorrow morning.

I was thinking about that as well. So it is deleted (I don’t see an on/off), and I’ll check it for several days.