Tplnk hS100 replacement how to avoid redoing webcore codes etc?

Hi one of my hS100 tp link plugs has died, I have a replacement - is there any easy way to replace it within Kasa on tplink etc such that I don’t have to redo all the webcore and other automation I have ?

When you replace the device, your pistons and automations won’t go away. They’re still there pointing to an invalid device.

In things like Smartlighting, just open the old rule and change the device (which will likely be empty or showing in red) with your new one.

For WebCoRE, after you add your device go into the Webcore smartapp on your mobile device and tell it to make the device available to webcore. Then open your webcore dashboard, open the piston and you’ll see the invalid device as a GUID (read: string of numbers)

Just click on the invalid device and tell it to use the new one instead.

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