TP Link KL430 Automations?

Hi everyone,

I recently replaced all my magic home light strips with TP Link KL430’s.

With my old lights, I had automations for when the doorbell rang, a leak was detected, motion was detected outside after a certain time, alarm triggered, if rain is imminent and windows are open, etc.

If there’s a way to pass TP Link scenes through to ST, I definitely haven’t been able to find it and because of the way KL430 presets work, that’s kind-of hard to trigger from Smartthings.

I’m wondering if anybody has done any cool automations here. Points of interest that I shouldn’t miss? Maybe I’m staring the solution in the face and I’m just not seeing it. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel if somebody has already done this. I’ve checked the TP-LINK community (which doesn’t have anything hardly) and reddit. I’m coming here because I’m interested in doing this in webcore which I assume most people with ST are using.

As hard as these strips are to find (inventory levels) there MUST be a pile of people out there who have these strips. I’m actually pretty pleased with them so far.

I also checked the webcore forum.