TP-Link Kasa Edge Driver (also LIFX)

No problem! Looks like the KP200 falls under the category of multi-component devices. That device will be supported once I complete multi-component support.

Works like a charm! Ty.

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Hi @BarryA - just wanted to check in with you on the possibility of Lifx Group control or multi bulb control. I have many LifX bulbs in one room, and changing the color on each individually is awful. Previously, I used LifX Group of Groups to accomplish this.

Hi, does this work on the LIFX switches as well. Say’s device hasn’t updated all
of it’s status information yet.

Is there any trick to get this driver to work?

I have 3 x HS100 TP-Link smart plugs already in Smartthings connect to the Wifi Hub and the TP-Link Kasa integration however would like them to connect direct to my Smartthings hub.

I have installed both the Beta and V1 drivers and scanned for devices and they never show up.

Do they need to be factory reset and then put into joining mode for them to be found via smartthings and the driver? Is there something I am doing wrong or need to do differently?

Try unplugging and replugging the outlet while running scan nearby. You could also push the button while scanning.

Okay. So my issues are twofold so I will start with Lifx.

Lifx - I have tried every suggestion recommended and none of bulbs will show up when running the scan. Nothing. I have been playing with Hubitat thinking about switching and the LAN control of Lifx bulbs works right away. No issues except I’m not a fan of Hibitats user interface. No clue where to look, or dig deeper to diagnose. I have mostly Color Minis, Color A19, and a few Color Br30. Around 25 total. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kasa (TP-Link) - these are all non dimming wifi switches. Approximately 15. For this they do show up after scan, but never will report their status so are essentially useless. Again I have tried all the troubleshooting recommended in previous posts. I did notice that I have an old DTH that I can’t delete because it says it is in use, but no devices are using it. I’m thinking it may be somehow interfering with the Edge Lan driver. Again, suggestions are appreciated. LAN also works in Hubitat.

Both Kasa and Lifx c2c connections in ST work fine. I just really want to move as much as possible to local control. I would like to know your thoughts. Thanks.

I have multiple Kasa Smart Switches and Kasa Plugs EP25. Are these supported?

The driver supports most single endpoint (gang) switches and plugs. It doesn’t support multiple gang devices like power strips and double plugs.

@ZacM1979 reports that dimmers don’t update in the app if they are manually operated at the switch.

Thank you, I seem to be having an issue of discovering the device in the smartthings app.

Install the Kasa driver, and then run scan nearby.

If you have any problem devices power them on and off while running scan nearby. To do this unplug plugs and cycle breaker on switches.

I have attempted doing both of these and the devices still are not found.

I haven’t tried cycling the breaker tbh. I’ll try that next for the Kasa switches. Mine are all simple HS200s.

Any ideas on the Lifx?

No idea, I have no Lifx devices.

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I didn’t have any problems when I set mine up last fall, except for one plug which I had to power cycle.

Do I need to remove the kasa integration? Should the lights be flashing when I try to find the device or should they be set up already? Do I need to be on a 2.4 wifi on my phone? There must be something I’m doing wrong.

For a while I had my Kasa plugs set with both the c2c integration plus the Edge driver. So I have double devices. Once I was happy with the driver I eliminated the c2c and got rid of the doubles. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

I have all my Kasa devices on my 2.4G IoT network. So I would say your phone should probably be on 2.4G.

Is your hub connected to wifi or ethernet?

My hub is a v2 connected by Ethernet to the same router as my regular and IoT WiFi

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Any idea when new drivers will work with duplex outlet Kasa EP40?