TP Link Kasa Devices with new official integration (July 2019): reviews needed

Are there any programs here that would be able to monitor the energy usage data from the Tp-Link TP-110 and then relay it to Smartthings to trigger a switch. Energy reading of 0 would shut off switch and when any energy is detected it would turn on switch.

I did set up a node but realized I apparently would have to buy Sense and create a sense account in order to have the data from the Tp-110 to relay over.

Thanks Everyone

The old (deprecated) unofficial integration did this. You would have to uninstall the official, then install the old integration. For installation and PM control, it requires the CLASSIC phone app. All other controls are available on the new phone app.

You may have to do other things to get it to work with the new rules interface.


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Hi Dave. I understand that the Classic version of Smartthings would have to be used.

Not sure by what you mean when you say the old unofficial integration, of what ?


There is an unofficial TP-Link integration that has a thread in the forum. It has drivers for all TP-Link bulbs, plugs, and switches including the HS110.


Thanks very much Dave :slight_smile:

I have successfully integrated the Tp-110 with the device handlers and the Smart app into Smartthings, energy reading comes through which is exactly what I was looking for, that way as soon as the non smart tv was turned on via remote control the energy then triggers a switch in Smartthings.

How I control that tv right now with Smartthings is with the harmony hub which of course I have a switch in S.T to do that. But what I didn’t realize is that by the time the energy reading is registered in S.T the tv of course is already on because of the remote then when the energy reading triggers the switch in S.T it then turns the switch on but of course because that switch controls harmony it then turns the tv off.

So what I was wondering if there’s a way to get the energy reading immediately without a delay that way the tv and S.T’s switch are simultaneous with each other.

If you are using the Unofficial integration (mine), the answer is no. There is a 1 minute refresh option - which is fairly good.

I do not know if the Official integration supports the EM functions at all.


In the end, TP-Link support updated something behind the scenes for me and I can now see all the devices in ST.


Same here, all devices now showing in Smartthings.

I contacted Smartthings support but have not yet received a reply. Good to hear TP-Link were more responsive.


Well this is annoying. I’m having an issue where after linking my TP link devices, they show up, and even offline if that’s the case, yet I cannot interact with them in ST2.0 app. However in the classic app they’re fine and working as normal. But this presents a problem as I can’t automate anything with them as all my automation was created with ST2.0 and is not editable in the classic app.

Unfortunately, a recent update to the SmartThings app appears to have caused this problem. :disappointed_relieved: Other people have reported it as well with a couple of different brands. Contact SmartThings support—the more people who do, the more resources will be assigned to fixing it.


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Any update on if Samsung is fixing? I have the same issue…Can see my Kasa devices but can’t interact with them (but can in the classic app). I’ve tried deleting them and disconnecting the service and adding them back in…no luck.

I have reported a similar issue with ST support. There is no way to know when ST will come out with an update or fix. If you haven’t already done so, you should report this to ST support. The more users who report issues may help them resolve it.

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also contact Kasa support. They wrote the integration.

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I did. I also contacted meross since they are also affected. Both stated it was an ST issue and they would contact them



I’m writing to get an information about the new app from TP Link - Tapo.

Does anyone know when they will release an update to configure the Tapo device to work with SmartThings App?

Thanks all.


The integrations now come from The device manufacturers, so you would need to ask TP link.

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In the smartthings ide, the device types for my tp-link devices say “placeholder”. Is everyone getting these? What should they be?

That’s what cloud based integrations show as. Nothing to worry about.


very weird. Thanks.