TP Link Kasa Devices with new official integration (July 2019): reviews needed

I have hs200’s hs210’s and hs220’s that are not working.

Yes for hs210’s. My hs200’s are v2.0 on 1.5.5

When installing with the smart things app but using the old classic app there are no tiles when added to the favorites? Was anyone able to get tiles to work on the classic app so you can add to the favorites? It looks like everything else works if you click on it but that isn’t the point of the favorites?

The new integrations are made for the new app. It doesn’t use the “tiles” construct.

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OK, I got my first TP-Link Kasa device today. I added it to the TP-Link Kasa app. Used the new integration in the new ST app and it installed. But I can not access it nor control it from the new app. Yet I can access and control it from the Classic app. I also got an ST mltipurpose sensor that I setup through the new app - same thing, can not access from the new app but can from the classic app. removing/reinstalling didn’t resolve for either device so stumped on the new app at the moment. :slight_smile:

not sure if it is related to the iOS 13.3 update issue reported but doubtful as I added a z-wave device that works in both apps.

What error does it give you in the new app?

Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.

Sounds like the normal iOS 13.3 bug. Do they work fine on your iPad?

No, it does not work on the iPad either. They are the only devices not working.

Also I should point out, these devices are not available to use in custom automations but can use them in webcore or smart lighting.

The webCoRE part is weird. Usually tp link isn’t available. Custom automation won’t let you use any device that it thinks is disconnected. In the ide, the TP link device has type “placeholder”?

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I’m not clear on what you’re saying here. All my TP-Link devices work as expected in both the Classic and new ST App, and are also available to me in webCoRE. The device type in the IDE is “placeholder.”

About 2 weeks ago (or so), my HS-105s stopped communicating via the official integration (but would still work through the Kasa app). Devices would show as disconnected in both SmartThings and SmartThings Classic app.

I went back to the integration by @Gutheinz for now.

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Apologies for being dim, but I am currently using davegut’s deprecated TP-Link integration and now want to switch to the official one. I have a number of Kasa HS100 switches, but in the ST Classic App, I can’t find anything relating to an official Kasa SmartApp or see any Kasa devices that I can add to ST.

Do I need to fully un-install the davegut integration before it shows up or am I just being blind?

Think I figured it out - I switched to the new ST app and Kasa worked fine. Switches now show up in my Classic app too.


Yes, you got it. Must install with new ST app.
I found the status reports with classic app, but may not be able to on/off with classic app.

This is what I found too and therefore webCoRe etc doesn’t work for them. So went back to Daveguts app

I’m using Dave Gutheinz app as the official one doesn’t give me power readings from my hs110’s. It’s useless without those as I can’t use the power readings in my automations.

I have 8 Kasa Mini Outlets all set up with the Kasa App and all working with ST App - status, on/off via icon, automated on/off via schedules.


I see people posting that SmartThings callbacks are working but they’re not for me. When I turn on an HS210 3-way switch in the Kasa app or by turning it on manually, SmartThings is never updated. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe Kasa needs to update something on their end for that device?
Edit: looks like that device isn’t WWST certified, which would indicate it doesn’t support callbacks right now.

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