TP-Link/Kasa Bulbs and Plugs Control


(Dave Gutheinz) #609

It can only turn on and off. So no other testing should be required

I will update the master file when I get home. Since you already modified, no change for you.


(Mark Slagle) #610

So, I have been using the TP Link connector successfully for a while now. The other day I went to add some new devices, which it see, but when I select them and choose next I get “An Unexpected Error Has Occured” I have tried to remove the app from smartthings, I get the same unexpected error. No matter what I do, I cannot install devices, remove the app or anything, only get unexpected errors. I’m stuck and need some guidance.

(Dave Gutheinz) #611

Usually caused by service manager version not compatible with device handler. You need to update all to latest and try again. Should not affect other devices. Good luck.

(Mark Slagle) #612

Okay, I’m trying to do this now, but the device handlers are named differently than what I have installed. For example, I have one call TP-LinkHS110 Emeter, I don’t see one like that listed anymore to update.

(Dave Gutheinz) #613

Correct. I had to rework to add Github integration. Simply replace content files and save.

(Mark Slagle) #614

I’ve done this, replaced all the dev. handlers, and updated the manager. I am still getting Unknown Error has Occurred. It sees all 7 devices, and I select them, click next, that’s where the Unknown Error appears.

(Mark Slagle) #615

Okay, so I got it to install my HS200 switches, if I select them only. But my LB120 tunable bulbs are still giving the Unknown error.

(Dave Gutheinz) #616

What are the devices??? Some very new models of TP-Link have not yet been updated.

(Dave Gutheinz) #617

I will have to look tomorrow. Out of town consulting.

(Mark Slagle) #618

I figured it out. I added the tunable white dev handler without e-metering, even though mine do this, and now it works. Thanks for your help!

(Mark Slagle) #619

Hi Dave, one last question. I notice that the circadian option now appears for the tunable bulbs. Is there a way to add that functionality into a scene or routine? Right now I can only modify the color temp and brightness. Thanks!

(Dave Gutheinz) #620

Probably a limitation. It is s command; however not associated with a capability. We core may be able to??


Hi I’ve 9 plugs linked via the cloud integration, but whilst one was out of use I made the mistake of removing it from ST , now I can’t get ST to recognise it and re-add it no mater what I do . Any ideas please ?

(Dave Gutheinz) #622

Check the Kasa App:

  1. Does it appear and can you control it?

  2. Is it in “Remote” control mode?

If these are correct, then I will troubleshoot further.


Thanks, yes it is in Kasa - not sure what 'remote control mode means but have backed it all out of ST deleted the smart app and it refound all the plugs, so a bit of hassle but all is working fine now thank you.

(Sunil Punjabi) #624

Sorry if this not the right place for this question, Please let me know and I can delete or move it ad needed.

1st this thread and community around it is awesome!

I have 3 Kasa/TP-linkHS200 and 1 HS210. These along with a few plugs were purchased before I knew I needed a hub. Integrating them via cloud seems like they would slow to respond, and not work should we have an outage. I don’t have ST hub yet, so I can’t test this my self.

I have a week to remove and return the TP-Links I have, and order a hub and new switches. This would be a bit of work, removing, shipping back and etc. Is there anything to be gained, by replacing these with switches made out of the box to work with ST? Are Zwave/ ZigBee faster to respond, and/or work without cloud?

If there is not much difference then I could just cloud integrate what I have and order ST enable devices going forward.


Thanks for your help!


(Dave Gutheinz) #625

If you want home automation that can operate autonomously (i.e., w/o web) using Smart Things:

a. Avoid WiFi devices…
b. Use Z-wave and Zigbee devices only
c. Use devices that already can execute locally in SmartThings(will take some research). No WiFi devices and not all zigbee / z-wave device can execute locally (without web).
d. Avoid any custom device handlers. These do not operate locally.

This means replacing your wall switches.

(Sunil Punjabi) #626

Thanks, Any brand or way to know if the device can execute locally?

(Dave Gutheinz) #627

I do not use local execution. I would search for local execution and see what pops.

(Mark C) #628

use this link - but you need a samsung/smartthings log on