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TP-Link/Kasa Bulbs and Plugs Control

(Radim Svoboda) #739

I did that as well. I found the issue by replacing my default android keyboard from Google to Samsung. The issue is not the keyboard actually. The issue is that the password needs to be sent when the cursor is in the USER EMAIL field and not through the keyboard but through the app’s NEXT button (TOP RIGHT corner).

Gosh, crazy, right?

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(George A Roberts IV) #740

@Gutheinz First, thanks for this! I have the cloud version installed with one HS200 switch. It works … but there’s one annoyance that I’m sure is due to how I’m using it. I’m hoping if I describe my scenario you can recommend a workaround.

In my kitchen I had a dimmer and a switch on a three-way circuit. I replaced the dimmer with a Wemo dimmer, which does not support 3-way operation. So I put a HS200 switch in place of the old three-way switch and power it but removed it from the circuit. The dimmer now controls the circuit, but I’d like the switch to still turn the circuit on and off.

I have set up a routine to trigger “when something turns on or off” so that when either the dimmer or the switch turns off it sets them both to off. And the same for on. This works exactly how I want it to … except that if I turn off or on the HS200 it takes the “refresh time” amount of time before SmartThings knows that the switch has been triggered and mirrors the state onto the dimmer.

All that to lead up to this … is there any way to get SmartThings to know immediately when the switch has been pressed?

(Dave Gutheinz) #741

No, there is no practical way. The best you can do is every minute by setting refresh interval in the preferences.

(Note that there are ways to do more, but it using it would consume excessive resources on the SmartThings cloud server. Not something I can support in my devices.)

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(George A Roberts IV) #742

Would using the node version instead of the cloud version help? It wasn’t clear to me from your posts what benefit using the local node environment would give me.

(Dave Gutheinz) #743

Support for RE270 and RE370 Range Extenders with smart plug. I have added support for this device. Due to an inability to find the on/off command sequence, I am using IFTTT for the on/off then refreshing the status using the normal interface.

Full instructions and the driver are at “DH Range Extender” folder on GitHub.

(Dave Gutheinz) #744

No. The node version does not help on resource utilization. It is still dependent on processing from the SmartThings cloud.

(Ken Kleefman ) #745

@seant, what dh are you using for your HS200? I can’t seem to find anything that works.

(Ken Kleefman ) #746

@Gutheinz, what DH do you have that works with the HS200? I can’t find anything that works. I have an HS220 that works with one of your DHs but it doesn’t work with the HS200. When I try to add it in ST classic app, it shows as available to add but when I try to save it then I always end up with an error saying it can’t save. I’m at a loss as to what to do.

(George A Roberts IV) #747

I ended up writing a node script myself that polls the switch every second and triggers a webhook on IFTTT which switches my other switch off through SmartThings. Seems to work well and is pretty quick.

(Dave Gutheinz) #748

Below is a list of devices and supporting device handler.

	tpLinkModel << ["HS100" : "TP-Link Smart Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["HS103" : "TP-Link Smart Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["HS105" : "TP-Link Smart Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["HS200" : "TP-Link Smart Switch"]
	tpLinkModel << ["HS210" : "TP-Link Smart Switch"]
	tpLinkModel << ["KP100" : "TP-Link Smart Plug"]
	//	WiFi Range Extender with smart plug.
	tpLinkModel << ["RE270" : "TP-Link Smart Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["RE370" : "TP-Link Smart Plug"]
	//	Miltiple Outlet Plug
	tpLinkModel << ["HS107" : "TP-Link Smart Multi-Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["HS300" : "TP-Link Smart Multi-Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["KP200" : "TP-Link Smart Multi-Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["KP400" : "TP-Link Smart Multi-Plug"]
	//	Dimming Switch Devices
	tpLinkModel << ["HS220" : "TP-Link Smart Dimming Switch"]
	//	Energy Monitor Plugs
	tpLinkModel << ["HS110" : "TP-Link Smart Energy Monitor Plug"]
	tpLinkModel << ["HS115" : "TP-Link Smart Energy Monitor Plug"]
	//	Soft White Bulbs
	tpLinkModel << ["KB100" : "TP-Link Smart Soft White Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["LB100" : "TP-Link Smart Soft White Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["LB110" : "TP-Link Smart Soft White Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["KL110" : "TP-Link Smart Soft White Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["LB200" : "TP-Link Smart Soft White Bulb"]
	//	Tunable White Bulbs
	tpLinkModel << ["LB120" : "TP-Link Smart Tunable White Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["KL120" : "TP-Link Smart Tunable White Bulb"]
	//	Color Bulbs
	tpLinkModel << ["KB130" : "TP-Link Smart Color Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["LB130" : "TP-Link Smart Color Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["KL130" : "TP-Link Smart Color Bulb"]
	tpLinkModel << ["LB230" : "TP-Link Smart Color Bulb"]
(Ken Kleefman ) #749

thanks Dave, but how do I find the link to the device handler you listed?

(Dave Gutheinz) #750
(Dave Gutheinz) #751

This thread is depreciated. Please do not post here as I may miss your query.

See the new thread:

(Jason Lindsay) #753

Hello. I have a question on the app. When I look at it the white does not let me go up to 9000k like the Kasa app does. Is there a reason?


(Dave Gutheinz) #754

What kasa device. the design is based on 9000 for the color bulbs and 6500 for tunable white bulbs. That is the parameters for the LB130 (color) and LB120 (tunable white) bulbs.


(Dave Gutheinz) #755

Also, the new app had to choose some range for control and chose 2700 to 6500, the most common range. The classic app does not have that limit.

(Rob Blaser) #756

[ Moved my question to the newer thread! ]

(Aonghus Mor) #757

I’m a bit confused about SmartThings GitHub integration for this repository. In all the repositories I have successfully accessed from the SmartThings IDE there’s a directory structure where the groovy files are in a directory/folder such that abc.groovy is in a folder named abc.src. In those repostories where that isn’t the case I can’t get the integraton with the Smartthings IDE to work. On the other hand there’s lots of messages in this thread that appear to imply that the integration is working. Have I missed something? Sorry if this has already been clarified.

(Dave Gutheinz) #758

SmartThings gitHub integration:

Owner: DaveGut
Name: SmartThings Public
Branch: Master

(Aonghus Mor) #759

OK! Thanks. I’m sure I tried that 2 days ago and couldn’t get it to work. Anyway, it works perfectly now.

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