TP-Link/Kasa Bulbs and Plugs Control


(Dave Gutheinz) #709

explicitly on the GitHub link:

Current Service Manager: smartapps/davegut/TPLink Cloud Connect V2.groovy

Current Device Handlers: any beginning with “(Cloud)”.

The current valid repository is:

All others are not current. The “TP-Link SmartThings” is in BETA. It works, but has some minor issues I need to resolve before going final.

These files will remain on GitHub but not maintained after 1 Jan (they have had no problems). They do work with the new SmartThings phone app.

Sometime in the near future, I will load the new version. Better smart app, merged device handlers by device type (no more separate hub / cloud DTHs). Smart app support for updating preferences on devices (not available on the devices for the new phone app, so added to smart app. They will have new names to identify compatibility.

(Mark C) #710

so i just need to replace TP-Link Cloud Connect with TPLink Cloud Connect V2?


(Dave Gutheinz) #711

Depending on your device, assure the proper handler is installed:

plugs / switches: (Cloud) TP-Link Plug-Switch.groovy
Color Bulb: (Cloud) TP-Link Color Bulb.groovy
Softwhite Bulb: (Cloud) TP-Link SoftWhite Bulb.groovy
Tunable White Bulb: (Cloud) TP-Link TunableWhite Bulb.groovy

These are the files in the referenced item above. There are also instructions.

(Mark C) #712

i just can seem to get Git hub intergration to work

(Dave Gutheinz) #713

Go to the standard integration. Again, things they are a-changing in the next few weeks.

Update. I went today and am getting an error trying to upload the Service Manager. I do not know why at this time and am not the person to try to fix this. Not in my limited skill set.

(Dave Gutheinz) #714


I have created a new thread (since I can’t edit the top of this thread anymore) for the release of the latest version. Same rule applies: If the current is acceptable, do not update. Update instructions: Replace the content of the existing Smart App and Device Handlers with the new ones. For the Plug-Switch device handler, either the new Plug or the new Switch will work (difference is default icon),


Is there a way to have the LB230 lights scroll colors? I have them installed outside under porch roof and would lile to have them scroll a specific color every minute or so, for holiday purposes

(Darren) #716

Have a look at @bangali rooms manger app, he has implemented exactly such a feature for holidays :grinning: , and its independant of the bulb type.


Thank you, Kelly.
I’ve just tried this, but when I go to the Room settings, I do not see where to specify which TP lights to use. My lights are not hooked up to a smart switch, each bulb is independent and controlled from a “dumb” switch

(the rooms manager guy) #718

@elitef first create a new room … like if this is outdoor lights call the room Outdoor. then create the holiday light routines under holiday settings within this Outdoor room.

then in maintain rules create a rule with conditions when these lights should be turned on and set the lights in the switches on parameter. then below switches on use the level drop down to select the holiday light routine.

the dumb switches off course have to stay on but the rule will turn the lights on and off based on the rule you create. the rule can include both date and time as well as other conditions to check.

more details in the 1st post in this thread:

EDIT: there is 1 DTH and 4 smartapps to save and publish. please make sure those are done before creating the room within rooms manager. :slight_smile:

  1. rooms occupancy DTH
  2. rooms manager smartapp
  3. rooms child app smartapp
  4. rooms child settings smartapp
  5. rooms vacation smartapp

easiest if you do a github install. github details in that thread towards bottom of the first post.


Thank you for your help.
I will give this a try when I get home to see it visually to see if it does what I want it to do.
Thank you again!!!

(the rooms manager guy) #720

sure thing. and if it doesnt just go to that thread and ping me there. maybe i can add what you are looking for. i am sure other users would benefit from it as well. :slight_smile:


Great. Will do! Thank you very much :slight_smile:



I added the TP-Link Cloud Connect in SmartApps and the TP-Link Plug-Switch Device Handler and then got stuck since I am using the new Smartthings Mobile App (and not Classic). Guess I should have read the part stating that this works only with Smartthings Classic. :frowning:

Any chance anyone has instructions to run the Service Manager using the new Smartthings Mobile App?

Btw, I’m not keen on switching to Smartthings Classic. This seems like a daunting task.


(Dave Gutheinz) #723

There is no current way to add a SmartApp within the new SmartThings phone app. You must use the classic App. After installation, the devices and smart app work within the new one.

Not optimal; however, that is where the SmartThings migration has left the users.



Thanks Dave.


Works like a charm.

I logged out from the new Smarthings app. Installed Smarrthings Classic and logged in using my Samsung account credentials and then completed the TP-Link setup.

All of my TP-Link devices are visible and controllable.

Thanks again Dave.

(Richard W) #726

I am a new user to SmartThings and have found this thread as I have several TP-Link Wi-Fi outlets that I would like to use in conjunction with the SmartThings buttons. I have followed the instructions so far to add the '“TP-Link SmartThings Manager.groovy” app to My SmartApps on the IDE page and the Device handler code in the My Device Handlers page on IDE. I published both of them with the “For Me” option. However, I am not seeing this custom app in My Apps in the SmartThings Classic app. I do not know why. Does it take some time for it to appear in the Classic app?

(Dave Gutheinz) #727

Several possibilities.

  1. Did you select you hub in My Locations on the ide prior to installing the device handles an smart app?

  2. By not appearing in the smart apps section on the phone, I assume you selected Add then went to bottom of list and selected my smart apps. That is where a properly installed smart app would appear.

(Richard W) #728

I went back in to check since before I believe the Location and Hub areas of IDE were blank. They have now been populated automatically, it seems, but the Smart App and Device Handlers had been removed. I re-added them, and now, I can see the new app in the Classic app on my phone. Thanks for the quick response! That was amazing!