TP-Link Edge Driver (also LIFX)

Yes, the KP115 is supported

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Hi Paul,

Just curious to know that the hub supports Zigbee and Zwave but KP115 is Wifi so how does the driver installed in the hub work with KP115?

As long as they are all on the same LAN, they can find each other.

Even under the old DTH architecture, there were a few specific WiFi devices that had official integrations that could connect locally with a ST hub, such as the Philips Hue Bridge and Sonos. You could also write a Service Manager with a custom smartapp for other LAN devices, but then those required the cloud.

Now with Edge Drivers, the option to connect locally has been opened up for many more devices without requiring a service manager. :sunglasses:

Documentation for LAN devices under the old architecture using groovy Service Managers:

Service Manager Design Pattern — SmartThings Documentation 1.0 documentation

Documentation for LAN devices under the new architecture using Edge Drivers:

Noted thanks

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@BarryA Thanks for the drivers, it is working great, response time is good. I am having issues with the dimmer on the HS220. I only see a cloud instead of the dimmer bar.

Any ideas?

Works like a charm, many thanks Barry, JD Roberts and Paul for your assistance.

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Great work on this, if only the Tapo integration was the same and enabled local api.


It seems likely that the tapo model line will end up being matter compatible. (They already have some HomeKit compatible models, and that’s a pretty easy transition.) In which case my hope is that it will be able to be local to a smartthings hub. But we will have to wait and see. :thinking:

Would that be possible to also include HS103 smartplug in your driver? Would be realy nice to skip the cloud2cloud and control locally. Thanks

It should work. My HS105 works.

Any chance there’s an Edge driver for the Kasa KS200M motion sensor switch?

Very true @JDRoberts, I will keep my fingers crossed that Matter will be the protocol to solve local unified devices from all brands.

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