Touch Switch 2 gang (EU)

I’m new to ST, I just move inn to new house and want to connect everything to ST and need some help from you guys to recommend any touche switch 2 gang working with ST or where I could find DH for some good switches. Where thinking about Meross but can’t se they have a EU type of switch and then have found SONOFF T3 and ´´ MoesHouse ZigBee Wall Touch Smart´´but Sam not sure they work with ST and couldn’t find any DH for them

Hi @mariomax00, I have bought MoesHouse zigbee switches recently and it was a pain for me since there is not official DH for that.

Thankfully we have amazing people in the community that has created a DH for it.

Things to have in mind (my experience): It will not work locally. It will not work as a router. Some led lights are incompatible and will flicker when you swich them on.

HI Iwry Thank you so much for help !! Do you know where can I find DH for them where trying her but not any luck :frowning: ? og maybe you know other ones who work directly (officially supported) with ST