Total connect 2.0 alarm issues with ST

(jason galloway) #1

Hi. I must be a moron. I followed all the steps, and I am able to see when the system is armed or not, but I am unable to arm or disarm it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I added the code for both the handler and the app

(Bill) #2

Have you tried this?

(jason galloway) #3

I have not yet

(Bill) #4

Sorry, pasted the wrong link, try this one 1st however the other information is still relevant.

(Bill Wolfe) #5

At the risk of really showing my knowledge/how new I am… What does this achieve? Will it let me arm/disarm my system automatically based on mode (home, away, night)?

I have created one DH in my short experience with ST, but, the directions seem pretty straight forward…