Too much Delay using Presence to trigger Lights

Using Automate Light and Switches
Select Trigger = Presence
Goal is to get Light to switch on when somebody arrives home. Issue is that there is too much of a delay in the switch from Away to Present, so action occurres too late.

Also tried using Motion sensor as the trigger, but then cannot figure out how to trigger the action only when coming and not going.

There are a lot of things that can be adjusted to manage geopresence triggers, it just depends on your specific needs and set up .

What presence Indicator are you using? Just the regular SmartThings mobile app? The smartthings arrival sensor fob? Life 360 or IFTTT presence on the phone?

Are you triggering other events based on arrival?

Presence indicator is my Samsung 7 Edge with the Smartthings mobile App. Not aware of the IFTTT option.

This might be of interest. It covers a number of different ways of indicating presence, including the IFTTT option.

Thank you very helpfull. For my purposes I think just adjusting the radius will do the trick. That way Presence will be detected early enough to activate the switch. Not that concerned about deactivation delay, so this should work well. Will give it a shot.


You may also want to look into this. I’ve found IFTTT to be too unreliable for me. I’ve been using this solution for a few days and monitoring it against my phone and Life360. It has outperformed both.


I had issues using my phone as the presence sensor while using SHM on my old router.
I got an Orbi Mesh router system, which extended my wifi coverage through my whole house including the furthest parts of the garage. One of the triggers for updating the location of your phone is connection to a wifi network. Now my presence works reliably all the time. I also have an S7 Edge. No need for a 3rd party app IMO

Hi can you tell me how you detect presence using orbi (and no 3rd party applications)? I have one too. Thanks