Too good a deal? Harmony for $24



The seller is in China, has been an eBay member for over 10 years, and has zero feedback ratings.

Something seems odd. :wink:


i know right… but it’s $24 bucks… why the hell not… lol…

(Colin) #4

Then again, if it’s counterfeit or doesn’t show, ebay money back guarantee. I agree, @cuboy29 why not? lol


probably comes with some hack that open backdoor on our network :slight_smile: first thing this baby gets is wireshark monitoring the traffic to be safe?

(Bobby) #6

You may get your 24 bucks back, but you may not get your credit card number back. And that may cost you more than 24 bucks, just sayin’

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #7

Payments through eBay don’t expose your credit card number


looks like ebay removed the listing… hmmmmm too good indeed :slight_smile:


Just noticed this post and I actually went through with it when it came up on eBay. It was a scam. The seller sold about 20 of them and then eBay emailed me saying he disappeared. I opened a case and received instant approval so I assume he was on the radar and 20 other people did the same.