Too good a deal? Harmony for $24

The seller is in China, has been an eBay member for over 10 years, and has zero feedback ratings.

Something seems odd. :wink:

i know right… but it’s $24 bucks… why the hell not… lol…

Then again, if it’s counterfeit or doesn’t show, ebay money back guarantee. I agree, @cuboy29 why not? lol

probably comes with some hack that open backdoor on our network :slight_smile: first thing this baby gets is wireshark monitoring the traffic to be safe?

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You may get your 24 bucks back, but you may not get your credit card number back. And that may cost you more than 24 bucks, just sayin’

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Payments through eBay don’t expose your credit card number

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looks like ebay removed the listing… hmmmmm too good indeed :slight_smile:


Just noticed this post and I actually went through with it when it came up on eBay. It was a scam. The seller sold about 20 of them and then eBay emailed me saying he disappeared. I opened a case and received instant approval so I assume he was on the radar and 20 other people did the same.