Toggling On/Off Automations

Is it a known bug that you can Toggle on/off automations in the new app? I have some automations that I don’t want to run all the time. I loved the fact that the new app allows you to Toggle on/off automations but I beleive its completely broken.

I just created a test one w/ motion and a simple text notification w/ motion. When I turn it off, it does indeed stop texted. However turning it back on doesn’t do anything. I have to edit the automation and re-save WHILE that automation is enabled to get it to fire again. Again, great feature to Toggle on/off but it’s got to actually work!

Any ideas help?

Update from SmartThings support ----- AFTER the typical and IMMEDIATE response to remove app/reinstall and remove and re-create automation bullcrap… they finally realized that if the automation has a TEXT message, when you toggle it back on — that is NOT working. Sent to engineering team.