Toggle with color/level change

Trying to figure this out and can’t seem to get it. I have a piston that does a simple toggle of my LIFX lights. That works fine.

What I’m trying to do is adjust the color and levels when it goes into the on state. The problem is when it goes into the off state it turns it back on again because of the level/color steps in the piston.

Is there a way to only make it adjust color/level when its in the on state of toggle, and just turn off when its in the off state of toggle?

I use IFTTT to change the color of my LIFX bulbs w/o turning the light on. For the always powered bulbs this works like a champ, for the switched bulbs i use core -> IFTTT to update the bulbs color when the switch turns on.

Post your Piston. Are you using conditions or triggers?

This is my piston, IDK how much it will help, but Sunrise, Sunset and late night lights are all virtual switch’s that are handed over to IFTTT. All the devices in my core piston “IF” are zwave switches w/ LIFX bulbs attached.