TKBHome wall switch

Problem with TKBHome switch - not switching on/off

Hi all, after some great advice on here, I installed a single TKBHome wall switch to control 2 outside wall lights at the from of my house.

I had no problem linking the TKB switch to ST and I then set up a couple of routines:

  1. Sunset:
    TKB switch turns on (front lights)
    Wemo plug turns on (outside garage lights) [I used a Wemo plug as the wifi range is better for the garage)

  2. Late night
    Both switches turn off at midnight

Heres the problem…I cant turn on or turn off the TKB zwave switch any more. The routine switches on the garage lights and not the front lights. Last night I was able to switch on/off the front lights with my phone when at the house, but not when I am away from the house (I don’t currently live there, as Im in the process of moving in).

I woke up this morning and the ST app is telling me that the front lights are still on, but it has performed "late-night) and the garage lights have correctly gone off.

So…is it simple a faulty TKBHome zwave switch, or am I doing something wrong? For a couple of months the whole thing worked fine, so Im wondering if the switch is just faulty and happened to start working when I fiddled with it last night. Or…is there a problem when Im not at home, as I did mange to get it working via the app when I was at the house?

As it stands now, the front lights are on and I cant turn them off remotely. I will go to the house at lunchtime to check. I can usually manually switch the lights off but the switch needs some messing with.

Considering replacing the switch, but wanted your thoughts first please.

Help please!



I do have a TKB that some time play up with me and not auto turn off as per expected, I’m not sure if it’s range issue (i’ve another z-wave wall switch in the same room that work 100% of the time) or what, but I can always manually turn it off via the app.

The app wont switch on/off the lights. It allows the on/off to change on screen but doesnt switch on/off the actual light. It then defaults back to it original on or off position once I refresh the screen.

I got it working last night whilst at the house and after messing with the actual wall ZKB switch - so maybe its a switch fault.

Surely it wouldn’t be anything to do with my phone actually being in close proximity? Other sockets/outlets work fine.


I’m sure nothing to do with you phone, but the switch.

Went back to the house tonight…lights were registering on the app as “on” but when I got there they were off!!

Tried the TKB switch on/off and it was controlling the lights. Then tried on/off via the app and was working. Also ran the 2 routines off the phone and they worked perfectly…switched on both the front and garage lights and the other routine switched them off.

Left the house with everything on (“late night” routine should switch them off at midnight). Got back to other house and switched off the front lights via the app to test it again…lights said off but then back to"on" status as soon as I refresh the screen.

Any more ideas? Why does it work when Im at the house but not when Im away? V frustrating