TKBHome TZ36D Second Paddle Support?

The target devices don’t have to support association. Only the trigger device (your TZ36D) does.

The trigger device is going to send a “basic“ (that is a Z wave term in this context) to the target devices. They will receive it just like they would receive a command from the hub. So that part is OK.

In order to set the associations in the trigger device, you can use the “Z wave tweaker.“

This is a custom DTH created by a community member that will work for any mains powered Z wave device. (It does not work for battery powered devices.)

You will temporarily change the DTH for your paddle switch To the tweaker, then set all of the associations, save those to the paddle switch, and then change back to your regular DTH for the paddle switch. Your associations were saved in the firmware of the paddle switch, so they will still be set.

You can get the code for the Z wave tweaker and ask any further questions about it in the following thread. :sunglasses: