TKB TZ66S (Z-wave Single wall switch)

A month ago I bought one of these from aliexpress in Silver color.
At first I thought ST wouldn’t pair it but it did!It even gave me the option to turn on/off the little night switch.(when lights off the small night is on)

The problem is that even if I use LIFX,easybulb or any other LED type bulb (E27) when I turn it on it’s like being dimmed so not in full brightness and when I switch it off it, the light/bulb keeps blinking (light on/off in a loop)

I live in Greece, we have 220V 50Hz (the same specs as the TZ66S)
I even replaced another switch with spotlights but did the same.

I believe it’s some kind of electrical wiring or sth but any thoughts?

PS: I have seen that it says it controls Fluorescent lamps.So no luck with leds?Does this have anything to do with my problem?

Wish you all a Happy New Year!

Generally if is says it will work with Fluorescent bulbs that means it does NOT do dimming. This means it should work fine with LEDs. (LEDs and Incandescent bulbs generally work with dimmers, Flourescent do not. But all bulbs should work with on/off switches.)

I suspect it’s a wiring issue too. I know I’ve seen some odd stuff when I wired this up wrong one. A couple of things to check:

  1. Do you have Load and Lines in the right place in the switch? You might try swapping wires for load and line at the switch and see if that makes a difference.

  2. Is the load (ie, the bulbs) between the fuse/breaker box at the switch? That is, does the hot line go from the breaker box directly to the light and THEN to the switch? This sort of setup works without an issue for dumb switches, but can be problematic with z-waves. I had this in one location and every time I flipped the switch to turn it off it just turned right back on.

Hey xneo1

Was just wondering f you managed to resolve the issues you were having? I’m considering trying out that switch as well, would appreciate any feedback.