TKB Home TZ56S

I got myself a TKB Home TZ56S this is the double switch which requires a neutral. The place I want to install this I think has a neutral that is looped behind the light switch.

I did a test run using two light holders, I connected the always LIVE to the L pin, then from L1 I took wire to the first lamp holder. Then I connected the main neutral to the N and then looped it to a lamp holder and then from that lamp holder I looped it to the second lamp holder, This gave me neutral supply to both lamps plus the switch. I was then left with the last pin which seems to be labelled 3. From this I took a wire to the other lamp holder. I’ve attached a drawing of how I wired it.

Upon turning the live supply on, both lamps turn on. However, I cannot seem to turn off the lights using the switch, it just doesn’t turn off. Have I dont something wrong? Surely even without pairing it the switch should still work and a normal switch right?